Fraud Busters

What should I do if my identity has been stolen?

The reality is that identity theft can be a stressful, time-consuming and costly experience that many people don’t realise has occurred until it’s too late. If you believe that someone may have used your identity details to fraudulently obtain credit you should act immediately.

We can help you report and secure your Identity quickly to reduce the impact of stolen information that can cause damage to your financial position and reputation.

  • Request a copy of your credit report to check that the information relates to applications for credit that you have in fact made.
  • Contact any credit providers listed on your credit report that you do not know or have not applied for credit with so that they can investigate and take appropriate and prompt action
  • Notify all additonal credit providers that you will not be responsible for any debs incurred in your name.
  • Contact Equifax (and other credit reporting bodies) to put a ban on your consumer credit information
  • Contact the police and report the crime

We will issue a report on who has been notified on your behalf.

Each credit provider may have their own processes for handling fraud, this can be time consuming and delay your private details from being secure.

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